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My Life... Revealed 

In case you do not know me, you can call me Goldizen Golly. You may have met me at the local hangout or perhaps we've by no means even met before.

There is nothing in the world I love more than doing algebra. That is not the sole activity I am into. Even so you will get to know much more about me as you continue reading my impending blog posts. So until we connect once more, I wish you the best buddy.

Oh yeah one last thing. “The most valuable thing you can make is a mistake - you can't learn anything from being perfect.” - Adam Osborne


Incredible! Pleasant Results As a result of Search Engine Optimization! 

During high school, it truly was that time I realized that employed as an employee isn't cut out for me. I don't wish to be commanded to work on something or having somebody watching me behind my back. When I told my mom and dad about it, I received wide-eyed glares, but ultimately, they told me that if I don't wish such future, I will just begin a business and be a boss of my own. True, I can start my own business because I don't wish being bossed around, nevertheless, the issue is, what should I sell? For you to come up with a great business idea, I thought and considered several things, but ultimately, I chose to go after a small business about cleaning homes and offices. 

I told my dad about my business strategy and together, we decided to start our own cleaning service business. Having said that, in order to make other people in our surrounding area aware of our services, we need to employ marketing techniques. Marketing was difficult for us, especially since a starting company has confined budget. This has persuaded us to search for an affordable option. The solution we located was constructing company site with the aid of SEO Philippines. I admit, we ought to invest cash on it, having said that, the amount we have invested is truly not that much. The results were not seen at start. 

Seeing this, my dad grew concerned about the decision and he was wondering whether if it was right or not. After virtually a month, his doubts were washed away. He was truly surprised that our business has increasing orders. A lot of folks were inquiring about our services and are even booking in advance. In that short span of time, cash was flooding into our business. This was surely amazing for us, especially since we were still brand new in this kind of business. This is all due to the company that optimized our sites. Seeing the results we have, we opted to extend our contract with them. Although, we have several customers, both repeat and recommended ones, we still wish our web site to be there to market our services. 

We wish much more people to learn about us, even if we need to pay for further optimization. Well, the cost doesn't matter for the results they've given to us are certainly great. Provided that we have this ambition, the ambition to become the number one cleaning service provider in our surrounding area, we will opt for their services. Just send out your remarks simply click here.